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Preparation is Key When Learning How to Take Wedding Photos

When you want to learn how to take wedding photos, the main thing you will want to focus on is your ability to prepare yourself. Preparation is king when it comes to taking quality wedding photos, so you need to make sure that you know how to prepare yourself before you go to the event. […]

Test a Tripod before Buying

Test a Tripod before Buying

A tripod seems to be one of the most basic types of photography accessories since it’s basically a stand that’s used to keep your camera steady. However, there are a few details you should be looking at before buying one as they are all different. Tripods were more common in the days of film photography, […]

Macro Photography Ideas

Macro Photography Ideas to Help Your Creativity

Everyone likes the idea of taking pictures of beautiful sceneries and special occasions, but a great deal of creativity can also be used on various macro photography ideas. Macro photography is used when you want to take a closeup picture of something that you find interesting. Most people look to nature for these kinds of […]


Panoramic Photo Printing Can Accentuate Views

Anyone who is interested in adding a unique perspective to their picture should consider taking a look at panoramic photo printing. While it is always nice to capture an amazing view when you are out in nature, it is also helpful if you can get even more of that view into your camera. Panoramic views […]

Capturing Better Sports Photos with an SLR Camera

Capturing Better Sports Photos with an SLR Camera

When taking sports shots with an SLR camera you’ll need to realize there are three important settings to manipulate if you want to capture clear, crisp images. These are the ISO, the shutter speed and the aperture. Basically, if you change one of these settings you’ll affect the three of them. If you’re taking shots outside and […]


Taking Tasty Food Shots: Some Handy Tips

Years ago, the only people who took photos of food were usually those who were working on assignments or for magazines. However, these days there are quite a few photographers who are taking some tasty shots of colorful dishes. Also, many people who are on vacation are now in the habit of taking images of […]