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Transferring Film Photos to Digital Files

Many older people started out taking photographs with film cameras. This means they could have hundreds or even thousands of photos, negatives, and/or slides that were taken before the digital camera age took over. Over the years, these photos can deteriorate and many people would like to transfer the images to a digital platform before this […]


Practice Your Photography Skills During the Holidays

Many people around the world view Christmas as one of the most celebratory times of the year as they gather with their family and friends. Of course, if you are getting together with people you love it’s also a great time to capture some of the moments on camera. The same opportunity may also arise […]

Wedding Photo Album: 4 Useful Tips

Wedding Photo Album: 4 Useful Tips

Aside from your rings, your wedding photos will outlast all the other tangible memories of your wedding day. Old daguerreotypes and sepia-toned prints from bygone weddings take pride of place in family photo albums, giving great-grandkids a glimpse of when their ancestors were a happy young couple themselves. Your own wedding photo albums could become a future […]


Understanding the Basics of Depth of Field

A lot of people keep hearing about depth of field, but they don’t really understand what it refers to. Basically the amount of the photo that’s in or out of focus front of or behind the subject is known as depth of field. You actually have the choice of what you want to be in […]


4 Tips to Create Beautiful Christmas Photos

Any photographer loves to create Christmas photos. These are family images, which keep the memories, that’s why this kind of photography is so important. Here are few tips how to create beautiful holiday photos. The most important part is to determine the source of the lighting. 1. You should know what kind of lighting you are dealing […]


How to Capture Good Shots of the Moon

The moon is generally taken for granted since we know it’s going to show up in the sky each night in one form or another, such as a half or full moon. We see it night after night in a variety of crescent shapes. However, it’s hard to get a good photo of the moon […]