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contemporary wedding photography

Few Ideas For Beautiful Contemporary Wedding Photography

There are several elements that make up contemporary wedding photography, but creativity should be one of the main ones. However, it’s important that the wedding photographer and the couple are on the same page when it comes to the type of photos expected. This is why it’s very important to meet with the photographer so […]


Should You Use a Camera’s Noise-Reduction Feature?

Many digital camera models have a noise-reduction mode on them. The feature is designed to guess which pixels in the image are grainy or noisy and then remove them from the photo. This makes sense because you usually want sharp and clear images with no graininess in them. Because of this, most people leave the noise-reduction […]


Wildlife Photography Tips

Capturing wildlife on lens, in all their ethereal beauty is not an easy task, but yet the results can be startlingly breathtaking. Wildlife photographers are a dedicated lot who love the wild and are ever ready to capture its beauty. For someone who would like to try their hand at wildlife photography whether as an […]


How ISO Affects Noise in Photography?

The ISO setting on the camera stands for International Standards Organization. Back in the days of film, it was known as ASA. What it really indicates is how fast the camera’s sensor can record light. The lower the ISO number is, the less light it allows in to get a regular exposure. For instance if the ISO […]

How to Get Tasty Shots of Food?

How to Get Tasty Shots of Food?

We all know how great certain types of foods taste, but some foods also make for ideal photographs, especially the colorful ones. While most food photography is used in magazines, some people also like to dabble in it at home. If you use simple color combinations the images will appear more graphic and the food will stand […]

black and white photography

How To Maximize Black And White Photography For The Best Effects?

Black and white photography has been around for decades and even though we’re in a new age of technology with digital cameras, many people still prefer to shoot in black and white. If you’re passionate about black and white photography are few tips that might come in handy. 1. Go for contrast One of the […]


How to Utilize Your Diopter Adjustment?

Everybody’s eyesight is different and this can sometimes lead to problems when trying to focus a camera when it’s in manual mode. This can especially be true if you wear glasses and then take them off before taking photos. Well, most SLR cameras have a focus-adjusting dial that’s called a diopter adjustment.  It’s usually located just […]


Automatic Shots Have a Beauty of Their Own

In case you are not a professional, but you enjoy taking photos, then surely the auto exposure is your best friend, when it comes to digital camera photos. The automatic shots are called the amateur shots, but they have their own bonuses. In case you don’t know how to use the Auto Exposure, here is […]

Capturing the Fireworks Beauty

Capturing the Fireworks Beauty

The holidays are all about the magic of the fireworks. Here is how you can capture this beauty. The most important thing is to use a tripod. This way you will capture almost anything. The second most important thing is the camera settings. The best setting for capturing fireworks is the white balance to daylight, […]


When There’s No Choice but to Use a Phone Camera

Many people around the world have mobile phones these days and most of these devices come with a digital camera built into them.  On some occasions you may find yourself with no choice but to use the phone camera to take your photos. This could be because you don’t have your regular digital camera with you or […]