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Spice up Your Landscape Shots

Landscapes are beautiful, but they don’t always transfer well to photos. What you see spread out in front of you may look a little disappointing on camera. You can sometimes spice them up a little bit by selecting some alternative compositions and perspectives. Most people lift their cameras to their faces and shoot away. However, if […]


Photography Tips to Remember

If you are passionate about photography, here are a few things that could help you out along the way. Remember to always take your camera with you as you never know when a great opportunity to take a shot will arrive. Take as many shots as possible and what you have time for. When it comes to […]

microstock photography

Microstock Photography And The Reason Behind Its Popularity

The term microstock photography is used for a collection of low-priced, and royalty free stock photos. Stock photos are basically a collection of images that websites sell to clients who are looking for a photo on the same topic. For instance, a sports magazine may be looking for a soccer photo and can check with […]

The Benefits of a DSLR Camera

The Benefits of a DSLR Camera

A digital SLR, also known as a DSLR is a digital single lens reflex camera. Many people use smaller point and shoot style cameras where you view the image to be photographed on a small screen on the back of the camera. But a single reflex model allows you to look through a lens’ view […]

The Lowdown on Point and Shoot Cameras

The Lowdown on Point and Shoot Cameras

Most small digital cameras are known as point and shoot because that’s really all you have to do with some of them, point and shoot the photo. This is because they’re so easy to use since many of them are fully automatic. These cameras are ideal if you don’t want to carry around a camera […]

photography lighting tips

Photography Lighting Tips For Taking Photographs Like A Professional

Lighting can often make or break a photo and that is why the need for photography lighting tips. If you understand how lighting can help or detract from your images, you’ll end up with much better photos. Good lighting will allow you to eliminate flash or sun’s glare as well as background clutter and can […]


Frost, Snow and the Digital Capture – Tips for Winter Photography

Winter photography is surely an art, which differs a lot from any other photography styles. One of the most important things, when it comes to creating great winter images is the exposure. The correct exposure is the secret key to any winter picture. For instance, if it is a sunny winter day and you want to […]

Using Your Camera’s Exposure Modes

Using Your Camera’s Exposure Modes

Most digital cameras come with exposure modes on them. The camera uses this tool to set the proper exposure for your photo. There are different modes on the camera and while they act a little differently they all have the same objective. If you select auto or program mode the camera will choose both the […]


Changing the Point of View Can Make for More Interesting Photos

It’s just natural that most people take their photos when they’re standing up. But if you take them from different types of angles the same subject can look much different and more interesting. When taking shots, you can experiment by walking around the subject and taking the images from above and from below to get […]

automotive photography

Zooming Through Automotive Photography

Automotive photography is basically as simple as it sounds. It’s the art of taking photographs of automobiles of all makes, models, types, and ages, etc. Anybody who’s enthusiastic about autos can participate in it, but here are a few tips that might help you out. 1. The angle The angle of the photo generally depends […]