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How Digital Infrared Photography Works?

Digital infrared photography differs from conventional photography as it uses light that can’t be seen by humans. This is called infrared light and it comes in wavelengths from about 700 and 900 nanometres. This infrared light band is actually a thousand times wider than visible light, however we can’t see it. Digital infrared photography can […]


Keep Photography Subjects Simple

Some of the best photographs ever taken are of the simple things in life. If you look past the obvious, you may be able to find more subjects and topics to capture. Every picture tells a story and every item also has a story to tell, no matter how old or new it is. When looking for […]


Women Photographers Vs. Men Photographers

Photography is a digital art, which can express emotions. And when it comes to emotions, women are the best. Therefore the women’s photography is a lot more expressive than man’s photography and differs a lot from ordinary photography.  According to a recent research on the subject, women’s photography possesses more “white matter” than men’s. Another […]

Anchor Your Camera To Your Body To Reduce Shaking

Anchor Your Camera To Your Body To Reduce Shaking

Many photos are ruined by blur, which is usually a result of camera shake. However, you can’t always steady the digital camera with a tripod or other type of camera accessory, but you can cut down on camera shake if you learn the best way to hold your camera. If you hold it with your fingertips […]

Quick Reminders For Sports Photography

Quick Reminders For Sports Photography

It takes time to learn how to take good sports photos because of the fast-paced action involved with most of them. If the sport is physical in nature it’s a good idea to get close-ups on the contact involved in the sport. There’s also a lot of emotion involved, so capturing it is a good idea. Keep […]

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10 Portrait Photography Tips And The Fun You Can Have With It

Portrait Photography isn’t meant to be boring. It’s supposed to be fun, creative, and exciting. While you can take portraits the traditional way, you may want to experiment a little and try taking some portraits that bend the traditional rules a little bit. Here are some portrait photography tips for you. 1. Change the perspective […]

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Underexposed Images Are Easier To Fix Than Overexposed Ones

If you’re having problems with the exposure on your digital camera and the device doesn’t have an AEB (Automatic Exposure Bracketing) function, , then you basically have the choice of taking the shot as either an underexposed or overexposed image. If it comes down to it, you may want to go with a slightly underexposed […]


Surprise The Street With A Candid Photo Shoot

Street photography is becoming a huge trend in the digital photo world. The candid photo shoot is the live example of how outstanding talent can shoot the beauty of the every day reality and transform it into the most accurate display of life captured inside a digital frame. The right tool for the task can be […]

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How Automatic Exposure Bracketing (AEB) Works?

If you find yourself in a situation where you’re not sure what type of exposure to go with and you don’t have time to test a few shots, check your digital camera to see if it has an Automatic Exposure Bracketing feature, generally known as AEB. If you choose the AEB option you can typically […]

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Narrow Your Competition When Selling Photos

There are millions of people interested in photography around the world and thousands of them sell their images professionally. That means there’s a lot of competition. However, if you’re interested in selling your photographs there are several ways to make your work stick out. First of all though, you need to make sure your work […]