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fall photography

Enjoying Fall Photography!

There are many great photo opportunities once fall hits the air and the eaves start to change colour. There are a few things you can do to get the best fall photos possible. You should try and keep the camera set to a low ISO to keep the shots sharp with no graininess. It’s also […]

family photo

Make The Family Photos Special

Digital photography is an art and this is a well-known fact. Many photographers are seeking different ways to achieve better results in their images. Recently Photoshop is doing miracles thanks to its editing options. Now more than ever the artistic photography is a possible option to create your own personal accents on the images. The […]

protect your camera in rain

How To Protect Your Camera In Rain And Fog?

It’s important to protect your digital camera in bad weather conditions. In the fog and rain you need to keep the moisture out of it as it can corrode the electronic elements of the camera. Some of the best ways to keep the camera protected are to use an umbrella and/or attach one to the […]

Shooting Halloween Photos In Low Light!

Shooting Halloween Photos In Low Light!

With Halloween just around the corner you might want to get the camera ready for the ghouls and goblins that will be wandering around the streets. Most of the action takes place after the sun goes down, so you’ll need to be prepared to shoot in low-light conditions. If you want to capture a scary […]

fashion photography

Why High Fashion Photography Exists?

The world of high fashion photography can be an exciting one and for both the models and photographers. This type of photography features beautiful models that generally show off the latest fashion products in specialty magazines. You’ll often see the models showcasing things such as wedding gowns, shoes, dresses, swimwear, and accessories, etc. The articles […]

flash in outdoor

Experimenting With Flash In Outdoor Action

If you’re experimenting with taking outdoor action photos, such as skate boarding, mountain biking, and cycling, you may want to try using the flash. This will allow you to eliminate some dark shadows. When using a flash for outdoor action you should be able to get some crisp images as the flash will fill out […]

own digital photography style 1

Create Your Own Digital Photography Style

Digital photography is an art. Most of the photographers are trying to find their own style and yet, this is one of the most difficult things in the digital art. Try to avoid the stereotypical images and think out of the box. The professionals that already found their style are advising you to think well […]

slow sync flash

How To Utilize Slow Sync Flash?

There are two basic ways to take photos in low light. One is to use the flash option and the other is to use a slow shutter speed without a flash. However, these methods aren’t always perfect as the flash can make the subject too bright and the background too dark and a slower shutter […]

camera shake

How To Eliminate Camera Shake?

Camera shake can ruin more photos than just about any other reason. A camera’s shutter has to stay open long enough to get a good exposure. This means it stays open longer when there’s less light and it can often blur the image if the camera moves. You may think the photo’s out of focus, […]

becoming a photographer

Becoming A Photographer – The Quest Behind The Professional Camera

A photographer makes captures beauty in his lenses, makes an art out of nothing, and becoming a photographer is not an easy task. It is common knowledge that the true photography artist is becoming a photographer the second he or she has the power to create personalities out of ordinary people, to create personal brands […]