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photos at parties

How To Get Good Photos At Parties?

Parties can be a great place to get some excellent photos of friends and relatives. Here are a few tips on getting some good party shots. 1. Start early Take a few shots before the party starts. This way you can capture the food, decorations, and cake before everybody shows up. 2. Take a group […]

Eyepiece Magnifiers Are Ideal For Those With Vision Problems

Eyepiece Magnifiers Are Ideal For Those With Vision Problems

Some people have a hard time focusing in on their shots because their eyesight may not be the greatest. One of the best accessories to help with this problem is to use an eyepiece magnifier. This device can be attached to the viewfinder of the camera to enlarge or magnify the image you’re looking at […]

lightning storms

How To Capture Lightning Storms?

Trying to catch a bolt of lightning in an image can drive many photographers crazy. One of the best ways to try it is to place your camera on a tripod. If you have the option, change the camera to the fireworks mode and if you don’t have a tripod, be sure to keep it […]

tips for fashion photography

Useful Fashion Photography Tips

Finding fashion photography tips is not really easy. Many people consider fashion photography as too commercial to be considered an art, but this isn’t quite the truth. Fashion photography is all about presenting the beauty in an artistic way; therefore most of the biggest names in this branch are praised as geniuses. Here are few […]

photographing flowers

Tips For Photographing Flowers

Flowers are one of the most photographed subjects in the world as they look great whether they’re in a vase, a garden, or growing in the wilds. Their natural beauty, shape, and dazzling colours are designed to enchant and charm the eye. If you’d like your flower photography to impress, there are a few things […]

aerial photos 1

The Aerial Photos – A New Perspective Over Digital Photography

Aerial photos give a completely new perspective to the subject of photos. It makes one look differently at the same mundane objects. It has been widely used in the real estate field to enhance the pictorial look of a building or estate area. Aerial photography has been an important commercial skill and is now being […]

landscape shots

Getting Great Landscape Shots

The world is a wonderful place and nothing beats taking landscape shots to show off the beauty of the planet. You can get some wonderful landscape photos by trying a few ideas. 1. Good point of interest Pick something interesting in the landscape such as a group of colourful flowers, a fluffy white cloud, a […]

What are Focus Free Lenses?

What are Focus Free Lenses?

There are some cameras available that allow you to take photos without having to focus. With these cameras, the focal point of the lens is fixed at a distance and is already focused. The settings on these lenses can’t be changed and most of these types of cameras are disposable or are lower-priced compact or […]

capture of sunrises & sunsets

How To Capture Spectacular Sunrises And Sunsets?

Some of the most breathtaking photos in the world involve sunrises and sunsets as they can be so dramatic. These are some ways to capture great shots of the sun. 1. Off centre The photo can be more effective if the horizon is in the bottom third of your frame. This way the sky can […]

The Challenge Behind Getting An Online Photography Degree

The Challenge Behind Getting An Online Photography Degree

Getting an online photography degree need not be a painful process. Digital photography is an art and anyone involved in this process is an artist. In the U.S. today a degree isn’t a guarantee you will be a successful photographer, but it becomes a necessity for your future as a good photographer. In Europe a […]