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easy tips for photography

Easy And Quick Tips To Help Improve Your Photography

Use manual focus If you’re shooting in low light are or very close to the subject it’s a good idea to use the manual focus as the camera might find it difficult focusing in the auto mode. Pan for motion If you pan the camera slowly from side to side you can create motion in […]

right way to save your pictures

The Right Way To Save Your Pictures Using External Hard Drives

Any professional photographer knows that the external hard drives are the best, especially when it comes to backing up and saving your picture. Here are few tips how to save your pictures by using external hard drives. In case you think this is going to be a long process, you are wrong. One of the […]

digital art

Digital Art Shots – Technique Or Simply Genius?

Many people consider digital photography just as an art, but is this so? Some professionals have another opinion about it. Ever since the technology has made a revolution, the digital photography is changing to a level that can be considered as scientific. Those who consider the digital shots as a product of a well working […]

slow motion water shots

How To Take Slow-Motion Water Shots?

One of the most effective and artistic ways to photograph water is to slow down the motion of it in the image. If you keep the digital camera’s shutter open for a few seconds you can create a soft and flowing effect for the water while everything else in the photo stays crisp, clear, and […]

high resolution photos

Why High Resolution Is The Only Way To Go?

When it comes to setting the digital camera’s resolution, there are typically a few options, but the best thing to do is set it to high resolution just about all of the time. It’s worth getting a huge memory card so you can always shoot at the highest resolution possible. In fact, why buy a […]

Why Landscape Photography Is So Popular?

Why Landscape Photography Is So Popular?

If you love the beauty of the outdoors and everything that Mother Nature has to offer, there’s a very good chance that you’re going to be interested in landscape photography. This type of photography may also appeal to you as you’re usually dealing with subjects that don’t move. Most landscape photographs concentrate on the scene […]

photographic techniques

Take Pictures Like A Pro With These Photographic Techniques

Today, photography is slowly gaining more popularity among youngsters because it is such an interesting hobby. Many amateur photographers started from simple photography and started learning different photographic techniques; eventually leading them into more intermediate sessions of photography. With the invention of digital cameras, this sudden interest by many individuals was made possible. Digital cameras […]

flash photography on sunny day

Why Use Flash Photography On A Sunny Day?

One of the best things about most digital cameras is the flash-on or fill flash on mode. When you’re in charge of the flash and when it comes out, it allows you to take some excellent outdoor shots, especially portraits on bright days. When the flash is on, the camera will expose for the background […]

perfect portraits

The Perfect Portraits And How To Take Them Anywhere

A professional photographer knows that he needs to be prepared to create portraits anytime and anywhere. Therefore, if you are going to make a portrait and if you aren’t in the studio, it will be difficult, if you aren’t prepared. Here are few tips how to create perfect portraits anywhere and mostly out of the […]

body stance can reduce camera shake

The Correct Body Stance Can Reduce Camera Shake

Holding your camera by hand when taking photos in low light without the aid of any accessories can often result in some unsatisfactory images because of camera shake. One way to try and keep it steady is to make sure you are using the correct stance. While most photographers have no problem with holding a […]