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lens hood

When A Lens Hood Can Save Your Photograph?

Sometimes you have the opportunity to take a perfect picture, but it could be ruined by the light of the sun. Too much sun is typically known as lens flare, and to protect your photos from spoiling you should fit a lens hood onto the end of the lens. Lens flare is something that may […]

sharp digital image

What Hides Behind Sharp Photographs?

The light quantity, responsible for the sharpness, which reaches the sensor, is called exposure and it is controlled through two variables: the exposure time and the diaphragm. Imagine that the sensor is a glass that you fill with water until the water reaches a certain level. You can control the action by the time you […]

camera battery charger

Electrical Tips For Traveling Photographers

If you’re planning on taking your camera with you while traveling, remember that some countries use different electrical voltage systems. This means if you try and plug your camera’s battery charger into the wall in a foreign country it might not work without the aid of an electrical converter or adapter. The plug could very […]

Popular Kodak Digital Cameras

Popular Kodak Digital Cameras

Kodak specializes in point and shoot cameras, zoom cameras and compact, pocket-sized digital cameras along with single lens reflex (SLR) models. The company’s most popular models belong to the Easyshare series. These include the DX7630, DX 7590 and Z740 models. Kodak’s wide range of cameras is aimed at the casual to professional photographer. Most of […]

digital photography for dummies

Digital Photography For Dummies: Definitely Not Just For Dummies

One of the must-have most important gadgets to own is a digital camera. Do you know how to use it? What are its functions? This digital photography for dummies questions are just some that many beginner photographers want to know the answers to. For people like you whose idea of good and quality shots are […]

digital camera binoculars

Digital Camera Binoculars And Scopes Are Ideal For Sports And Wildlife

There has been such a breakthrough in technology over the years that nothing should surprise us anymore. Take for instance Digital-Camera Binoculars and Scopes. These are basically spotting scopes and binoculars that are built with digital cameras inside them. The camera will allow the user to take a photo and store the image that you […]

digital infrared photography

The Basics Of Digital Infrared Photography

Photography has been a hobby and a line of profession for years. They have been used to preserve memories and generate artistic works of ideas and abstracts. For professional photographers, the use of digital infrared photography has been a topic of interest as there are plenty who study the subject matter itself. As photography slowly […]

digital photography 1

Infrared Plus Digital Photography, A Challenge You Should Consider

Digital photography has made so many advances so quickly in the world of photography that sometimes it is a little much to keep up with. The megapixels change frequently, design of the cameras and what they can withstand alters sporadically too. Now you can take digital shots with infrared filters too. The infrared filters can […]

manual focus

When You Should Try Manual Focus Instead Of Auto

Having an auto focus on your camera is definitely a huge benefit, but there are some occasions when manual focus may be the better way to go. Some of these instances include: Fine details When there are many elements and details in the frame, it’s good to manually focus, especially if the subjects are close […]

30 Reflection Photography

30 Amazing Examples of Reflection Photography

Take a look of these 30 spectacular examples of reflective photography.