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Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter camera Bag

A Shape Shifter Camera Bag For Your Photographing Adventure

There is finally one bag that will be extremely useful for any photographer. The Think Tank Photo Shape Shifter Camera Bag is designed to provide quality, stability and comfort to the photographers. It is a first generation smart bags that have the ability to replace the common belt with the Skin or Pro Speed Belt. […]

The Balance Of White Mystery And How It Can Be Solved

The Balance Of White Mystery And How It Can Be Solved

Created almost six decades ago by George Wallace (a student of Ansel Adams, Minor White and Edward Weston), the ExpoDisc is destined for the measurement of exposure and lately for monitoring and correcting the balance of white. Presently the White Disc has become a very useful accessory in manually determining the white balance in a […]

digital camera

What To Check Before Buying A New Camera?

When you are buying a new digital camera, you already know what exactly you need. There are some professional advices and criteria how to choose the best camera options. According to the experts in digital photography it is not a good idea to spend too much money on a pocket camera. Instead, you can check […]

Fuji camera

Just Click On The Remote To Take A Picture

The scene is framed, the timer’s set, the photographer runs to his place as the timer runs down to zero and the shutter’s released. When the picture is viewed, all one can see of the photographer is his back; worse still is that the photographer never made it into the picture. Next, picture this: It’s […]

dslr camera

On Ansel Adams Path Using DSLR

Ansel Adams became famous long before digital photography made its presence in the world. If the maestro would be around today he will for sure take his pick from the amazing offer of DSLR cameras on the market all capable with artistic touch to reproduce some of his talented genius. The amazing artist became a […]

fashion photography

Fashion Photography – A Smile To The Camera Perfectly Designed

Fashion photographers know it better – it isn’t easy to work with the models, to have a fashion taste and to capture the best configuration that is proper for the fashion world. One of the best tips in this business is to try being confident. You are the director, so always act confident and sure. […]

Photographing A Product Is Something Anybody Can Do

Photographing A Product Is Something Anybody Can Do

Not long ago the product photography was a completely different type of photography approachable only by true professionals. During the age of the film cameras, it was not easy for everyone to buy the necessary equipment and to use it to create the right product photography of a decent quality. There is no point in […]

shooting moon

How To Shoot The Seductive Moon On The Dark Sky?

Shoot for moon – that literately needs certain equipment. For a photographer there is no other thing like capturing the bright moon or the sunset, but anyone who ever tried to do it knows it is not that easy. Make sure you are having a solid camera tripod, especially if you are going to photograph […]


Jane Bown: Sixty Years Of Finding Pictures

Jane Bown is a renowned British photographer whose career now spans 60 years, ever since her first photograph was published in The Observer, a United Kingdom newspaper in 1949. Famous people from both the 20th and 21st centuries have been photographed by Jane Bown, earning her critical acclaim and a place at the National Portrait Gallery and at The Observer. […]

memory cards

Memory Cards – The Choice That May Count More Than You Think So

Another photographer weapon turns to be the Secure Digital High Capacity memory cards. Lately using these cards known as SDHC is more popular than using CompactFlash, Memory Stick family and others. The advantages of using SDHC are well known and that’s the reason they are top-selling cards of the recent year. As they first entered […]