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better exposure

Learn The Best Exposure For Your Shots From A Pro In The Art Of Exposure

Sean Arbabi is one of the pros with a lot of experience in photography exposure. There are basic lessons for exposure in the digital photography. Every expert and pro would tell you to practice more, but what is the major key when taking pictures with the best exposures? The advices of Sean Arbabi are several. […]

sony camera

One Small Step For BSI Technology, One Huge Leap For Toshiba

Backside Illumination (BSI) is an imaging technology that is used to decrease pixel size for higher resolutions in imaging devices without sacrificing image clarity or quality and performance. BSI takes each pixel’s silicon light sensor to the “back” side of the silicon wafer, thereby getting most of the light instead of it being scattered by the […]

adobe photoshop

Adobe Photoshop Celebrates With Free Tutorials

Photoshop has made a revolution and for 20 years it turned out to be one of the most used digital programs in the history. Nowadays Adobe Photoshop celebrates its twentieth anniversary. The event will mark the most memorable moments from its creation till now. The magic of Photoshop is now everywhere- there is no place […]

portrait photography

Portraits And The “WOW” Factor In Digital Art

There is one exciting challenge for every artist in the digital photography. This challenge is called portrait photography and looks easy to be done. But it is not exactly so. Portrait photography, made with using the WOW factor in the industry is the most difficult thing for an artist. It is because capturing the image […]

photoshop levels

Photoshop Levels – A Great Helping Hand In Post Processing

The Photoshop level is a tool used for stretching and moving the brightness level in image histograms. It is a powerful tool for adjusting the brightness, color tone and contrast. The ‘levels’ specify the location of complete black point, complete white point and a gray mid-tone slider on a histogram of an image and all […]

lightroom flickr

From Lightroom To Flickr In Simple Steps

Do you want to publish your images from Lightroom 2 to directly Flickr? Then follow some simple steps, which will help you promoting your works on new level. First download the tool at according to your version of Lightroom2. Unzip the file and find the LRPlugin folder. Drop the contents of this file in […]

telephoto zoom lens

Must Have Lenses For A Digital Photography Pro

Do you want to produce professional digital photography? Then you need 3 significant basic lenses, which will help you to increase the quality of your work. These are a general purpose zoom lens, a macro lens and telephoto zoom lens. The first of them, the general purpose zoom, is suitable for 35 mm format cameras, […]

Polaroid Camera

Polaroid Promises A Comeback In 2010

The name of the mission is Impossible Project. The aim is to revive the Polaroid. The location is an old Polaroid factory that was bought in Netherlands. Yes, that is right. Polaroid comes back. It was only a year ago when the news flashed that Polaroid stopped making its instant film and changed to an […]


Danny Outlaw – Freelancing Digital Art Is Still The Best Art That Can Be

In freelancing digital art there is one name, which is almost legendary. Danny Outlaw, also known as the best freelancer in this area, produces the best items for sale in digital photography. In one of his opinions over freelance work in design Outlaw shares his views for this certain area. According to him, the best […]

STOIK Panorama Maker

Panoramic Photos On Mac By STOIK

What is the best tool, when you want to make panoramic pictures? STOIK Imaging has made another revolution, when it comes to digital photography. Now the famous Windows panorama making tool is more available than ever. Last ability, offered from STOIK is STOIK Panorama Maker for Mac, which allows perfect rendering of the images, when […]