Secrets Behind the Growth and Popularity of Canon and Nikon (Infographic)

Canon and Nikon are the two most popular camera and camera equipment producing brands and are also the oldest. Here’s a look at some interesting facts and secrets about both: Canon was found in 1937 and in 1964, Canola 130, which was world’s first 10 key calculator, was introduced to the world. In the year […]

30 Fabulous Examples Of Bokeh Photography

Bokeh is a photography technique that creates beautiful photographs. Here are 30 Examples of Bokeh Photography for you to enjoy seeing.

30 Awesome Examples Of Multiplicity Photography

Multiplicity Photography is all about creating an effect of cloning anything and everything you want to, in one single picture.

11 Eco-Friendly Techniques To Make Your Studio More Environmentally-Conscious

From paper to energy to inks—check out these sure-fire ways to green your photography business.

30 Amazing Examples of Reflection Photography

Take a look of these 30 spectacular examples of reflective photography.

25 Spectacular Examples of Washed Up Photography

The power of the sea has many times shown its amazing strength by polishing the rocks and making the sand look like a blanket of shining diamonds reflecting the sun rays in a million colors. The stormy nights and days that sweep over the surface of the ocean are able to bring to the shore […]

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  • Most Common Mistakes People Make During Nature Photography

    Wildlife and nature photography can be very rewarding but also very frustrating at the same time. Whether you are an experienced photographer or a new-bee, there are chances that you will get something or the other wrong while you shoot outdoors in the nature. There are so many things to keep in mind that mistakes […]

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    Wedding photography is a challenging yet very rewarding photography type, one which can be considered as the combination of every type of photography. It not only involves fashion photography, but also product photography, candid photography, macro photography and portrait photography. But in order to get wedding photography right, you must have all the right lenses […]

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    Pre wedding photography and photo shoots are increasingly becoming popular and more couples are adopting this idea to capture the memories of their courtship days. Pre wedding couple shoots are no more limited to studio shoots but have become more candid in nature and are being shot outdoors. A pre wedding shoot can be made […]

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