Secrets Behind the Growth and Popularity of Canon and Nikon (Infographic)

Canon and Nikon are the two most popular camera and camera equipment producing brands and are also the oldest. Here’s a look at some interesting facts and secrets about both: Canon was found in 1937 and in 1964, Canola 130, which was world’s first 10 key calculator, was introduced to the world. In the year […]

30 Fabulous Examples Of Bokeh Photography

Bokeh is a photography technique that creates beautiful photographs. Here are 30 Examples of Bokeh Photography for you to enjoy seeing.

30 Awesome Examples Of Multiplicity Photography

Multiplicity Photography is all about creating an effect of cloning anything and everything you want to, in one single picture.

11 Eco-Friendly Techniques To Make Your Studio More Environmentally-Conscious

From paper to energy to inks—check out these sure-fire ways to green your photography business.

30 Amazing Examples of Reflection Photography

Take a look of these 30 spectacular examples of reflective photography.

25 Spectacular Examples of Washed Up Photography

The power of the sea has many times shown its amazing strength by polishing the rocks and making the sand look like a blanket of shining diamonds reflecting the sun rays in a million colors. The stormy nights and days that sweep over the surface of the ocean are able to bring to the shore […]

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  • mental and physical benefits of nature photography

    The Mental and Physical Benefits of Nature Photography

    Sure nature photography is great, there are a lot of great shots of landscapes, wildlife, natural resources and the plant life and we all like having these shots put up in our houses, offices etc. to uplift the spirit of the whole area. But nature photography is so much more than what’s described in the […]

  • nature photography on a cloudy day

    What Makes For Great Nature Photography On A Cloudy Day?

    There is just something special about photography when you have a blanket of cloud covering the sun. It is the perfect type of natural light that flatters and complements the nature photography i.e. landscapes and wildlife. All the hotspots and subtlety you lose in the shadows when you take shots on a sunny day are […]

  • benefits of ordering digital prints online

    Benefits of Ordering Digital Prints Online

    We live in a digital age where almost all the day to day tasks can be done sitting at home using just an internet connection and a digital device. In such a scenario, it is no surprise that people have even started ordering digital prints of photographs and other things online. Ordering prints used to […]

  • canon vs nikon cameras

    Canon Vs Nikon Cameras: The Most Comprehensive Comparison Ever!

    The debate whether Canon cameras work better or Nikon cameras has been going on for many years now and the discussion is never ending. Be it the simple digital cameras or the professional DSLRs, comparisons between the two top brands of the world are natural. So for all of you out there who wish to […]

  • photography editing clichés you must avoid

    7 Photography Editing Clichés you must Avoid

    Often photography editing trends turn into clichés. Clichés are not always that bad but if they are not done correctly or without proper technique, they can spoil your photograph rather than enhancing its effect. Moreover, clichés when followed and refollowed, they turn dull and boring and must be avoided as far as possible. The following […]

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